Associate your ORCID ID to your ScholarOne account


For the articles published from 2019 onwards, RBZ requires that all authors have their ORCID inserted in the ScholarOne system. To link your ORCID to your ScholarOne account, follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Enter your ScholarOne account normally with your e-mail* and password:

If you are having problems to log into your ScholarOne account, DO NOT create another one. Click on “Reset password” on the login page (link above) or contact us immediately.  

2. When you log in, find and click on your name at the right top corner of the page; then, click on “E-mail/Name” and associate your ORCID. You’ll be asked also to enter the login and password of the ORCID website (if you already have your ID).

3. You need to click on “Next” in the first two steps, then on “Finish” to save this information.

* It is extremelly important that you know your login e-mail for your ScholarOne account, which is included in the manuscript authorship. If you are an author of a manuscript still under evaluation, make sure your active account is associated with it. If you notice someone else created another account for you using a different login, please contact us immediately.

If you are the corresponding/submitting author of a manuscript, verify if the co-authors already have an account in our system before creating an account for them. If you need to create their accounts, make sure you insert their correct and most used e-mail address. This will avoid many author-related problems, including the ORCID issue.

Contact us if you have any doubts or are facing problems in ScholarOne system:

Associate your ORCID ID to your ScholarOne account
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