Dear reviewers,

When you agree to review a manuscript, please answer all questions. On the review page, there is a space for “Comments to Editor” and another for “Comments to the Author.” Be sure to put your comments to the author in the appropriate space. While writing comments/corrections to authors, please, indicate them as in the following example:

Page 4, paragraph 3, lines 46-47: Provide more details of the analysis process used in the experiment.

Please, do NOT submit the manuscript PDF file with comments because your computer’s name (or your name/initials) may appear in the comments. Instead, send the comments ONLY in the way indicated above.

The following guidelines are also part of the reviewing process. We recommend you to check whether the manuscript is in accordance:

Additional guidelines for style and units – Use of percentage

Additional guidelines for style and units – Representation of dispersion

Additional guidelines for style and units – Abbreviation

If the paper presents the statistical model, it is important to verify if it corresponds to what is being analyzed in the study.