First, register yourself to our manuscript management center, ScholarOne. After you log in, click on “Begin a new submission” and follow the steps. You can find more information in the Instructions for Authors pdf.

No. We publish articles only in English (American or British style). The manuscript must be properly translated and revised by a professional or company with experience in scientific language and, if possible, have the certificate of translation/revision.

This information is described in details in the “Instructions for Authors”.

The maximum number of authors per manuscript is 08 (eight).

To submit an Invited Review, you need to be invited by one of the scientific editors of RBZ.

Send an email to and request an extended expiration date.

Note: We are limited regarding how many times we can change the due date, with the risk of having the manuscript archived, which means that it should restart the submission process, including the payment of the processing fee. So, when contacting our office, be sure of when you are going to submit your paper. Also, due to time zone configuration of the ScholarOne system, some due dates can expire even hours in your country.

Please, access the Sociedade Brasileira de Zootecnia (SBZ) website, register yourself at “Log in” => “I want to register”. Then, log in; an automatic bank bill window concerning SBZ annuity (membership fee) will pop up. It is not mandatory to pay this bill if you are not interested in becoming a member. You can close this popup window. Select “Products”, then “Membership and RBZ fees”. There will be a list of products. Select Taxa de tramitação. In the “Reference” field, insert your manuscript ID. Confirm purchase and, then, follow the steps.

Everyone using an international credit card can pay by PayPal, regardless of the currency, but if this is your first time using it, you will also have to register on PayPal.

Note that when you register, the SBZ system automatically issues a membership fee bill (anuity); if you are not interested in becoming an SBZ member, you can ignore it. You only become a member if you choose to pay this bill.

Yes. Your request should be sent to, and it is necessary to inform the manuscript ID and title and your full name.

Send an email to, requesting a new password. An email with instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to you.

The value of the publication fee and the payment instructions will be sent to the corresponding author along with the first proof of the copy-edited paper.

Visit the Sociedade Brasileira de Zootecnia webpage and register yourself. If you are new to the website, the system will automatically issue a membership fee bill and it will be available to you on your dashboard. If you have already registered to the website, please log in and click on “Products”, then on “Membership and RBZ fees”. Choose “Anuidade” and proceed to payment.

Yes. There are discounts for postgraduate students and ABZ, Aquabio, and ALPA members.

First of all, it is a volunteer work. To apply, it is necessary to log in to ScholarOne and fill out the forms as completely as possible. You need to have a doctorate degree in one of the study areas of RBZ. You’ll be automatically registered as a referee.

We can provide a certificate, but due to internal policies, the certificate will inform only the number of revisions completed. You need to send an email to making your request and informing your full name and email address registered in the ScholarOne system.

Firstly, it is important to understand that the manuscript was not rejected. There are several reasons why your manuscript may be unsubmitted (returned to author), but all are related to our “Instructions for Authors“. When our team realizes that the manuscript is not in accordance with the instructions, the manuscript will be returned to the author in the ScholarOne system with a list of adjustments that must be made in the paper for the evaluation to continue. After making the adjustments, do not begin a new submission, but click on “Continue” in the “Unsubmitted and Manuscripts in draft” menu.

Note: Check your spam box if you can not find the email with the list of adjustments.