Before submitting your manuscript, read the Presubmission checklist, which will help you check the necessary items for submission. You can also download the Presubmission Checklist it if you wish:

  1. English quality – the manuscript must be translated/revised on the basis of scientific language (American or British standard) and have a translation/revision certificate.
  2. The Cover Letter must clearly justify the relevance of the study and the reasons why it should be considered for publication in the journal.
  3. The Title Page must contain the title of the work, the names of the authors in order of authorship, with their respective affiliated institutions, as well as the identification with asterisk and e-mail of the corresponding author.
  4. The Abstract must precede the Introduction of the paper.
  5. The statistical model, adequate to the objectives of the study (if applicable), should be presented in the Material and Methods.
  6. Institutions where the experiments were performed (names of laboratories, private properties, etc.) should not be mentioned in the body of the manuscript.
  7. The location where the study was carried out (if relevant) – city, state, and country with the geographical coordinates – should be mentioned in the Material and Methods.
  8. The number of the Ethics Committee (if applicable) should be mentioned in the Material and Methods.
  9. The manuscript should not contain subtitles, unless strictly necessary as in the case of Invited Reviews.
  10. Results and Discussion should be written in two separate sections.
  11. Conclusions should contain only conclusive sentences (no introduction, results and quotations) based on the objectives of the work and should be written in the Present tense.
  12. The manuscript file should not contain Acknowlegments, names of authors or their institutions.
  13. The Acknowlegments section should be submitted in a separate file in ScholarOne as a “Supplemental file NOT for review”.
  14. Text in the tables should not contain italics, except for scientific names and expressions in Latin, or bold effects.
  15. Titles of tables and figures should be short and informative.
  16. Footnotes of tables and figures should be clear and properly referenced.
  17. Table(s) of composition of diets should expressed in as well as the corresponding values mentioned throughout the text.
  18. Figures should not contain texts with italics, except for scientific names and expressions in Latin, or bold effects.
  19. Files must be saved in Word (.doc or .docx) format, for main document and tables, and in .tiff for figures, and should not be named with authors’ names.
  20. References should be in accordance with the Instructions for Authors and appear after the Conclusions section.
  21. The “Assurance of Content and Copyright” must be properly filled out and signed, contain the correct order of authorship, and be sent to
  22. The processing fee must be paid within 15 days after submission of the manuscript and the receipt should be sent to

* For details about norms of submission, dowload the pdf Instructions for Autors available in the menu “Instructions for authors”.