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  For the articles published from 2019 onwards, RBZ requires that all authors have their ORCID inserted in the ScholarOne system. To link your ORCID to your ScholarOne account, follow these instructions carefully: Enter your ScholarOne account normally with your e-mail* and password: https://mc04.manuscriptcentral.com/rbz-scielo If you are having problems to log into your ScholarOne account, DO NOT create another one. Click on “Reset password” on the login page (link above) or contact us immediately.   2. When you log in, find and click on your name […]

During submission, the corresponding author is required to insert co-authors’ names and e-mail addresses for the authorship of the manuscript. Duplicate accounts happen, most of the times, he/she inserts a different e-mail address of a co-author (who already has an account in the system). It also happens when the user forgets or doesn’t know his password and, instead of resetting it, he creates another account with a different e-mail address. This causes miscommunication between RBZ editorial office and the authors, […]