Assurance of contents and copyright

The corresponding author should download the document “Assurance and Contents and Copyright”, fill it out and print it. Once it is not possible to make changes to the document, after filling it out, the corresponding author should print it straight away, sign the first page and initial the other pages.

The document should be finally sent by email to up to 15 days after the submission. Should the deadline not be met, the paper will automatically be disregarded for publication.

How to fill the Assurance:

  • On the first page, check and accept with “OK” or an “X” both options in the “Assurance of Content” section.
  • Fill out the information regarding title and ID of the manuscript and information of the corresponding author, with his/her signature.
  • On the second page, check with an “X” the area (only one) of publication of the manuscript.
  • Llist all the authors’ names and email addresses according to the authorship order, including the corresponding author.
  • Finally, the corresponding author should initial (or sign) the second page (and third, if it is the case). The other authors DO NOT need to sign the document.